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Company Overview

A brand that has been a part of the steel industry for 30+ years, Icon Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel bars that are used in the construction of infrastructure and residential projects. Icon Steel proudly believes and follows in ‘The customer is king’ philosophy.

We showcase great compassion and commitment towards the manoeuvring of materials, waste and damage management. We listen to what our shareholders’ have to say because their opinions matter to us. Their best interests are highly influential in the in the decision-making that goes into creating our products.

We are also instrumental in providing you with the following attributes:

  • Integrated Manufacturing
  • Advanced Quality Management
  • Prompt Customer Assistance
  • Exceptional Durability’
  • Value for Money
  • Trusted Protection

Years Experience

Research and Development

Quality is what we strive for, and quality is what we serve. Thermex - a registered QST process and trademark of HSE Germany is the technology we have pooled into our products.

The Thermex technology is trusted due to its credibility in controlling the number of impurities like phosphorus and sulphur, which yields higher strength and better corrosion resistance.

Icon Steel’s products bear the marks of the standards bureau, which assures you of their physical as well as chemical parameters.

Our Values

Our management helm comprises business people with in-depth and varied business experience which has equipped them to take timely decisions, and plan forward whether it does with people, materials, technology or marketing.

The focus of the leadership at Icon Steel is to meet the latest criteria and standards in all aspects – safety, quality management, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, product innovation, web-enabled customer support, and brand experience.

Our Team

Dinesh Rathi (Managing Director)

Meet the man at the forefront of Icon Steel

Mr Dinesh Rathi is a leading industry figure in the Maharashtra region in construction steel and allied businesses. He has been instrumental in expansion programmes, technology adoption, network growth and marketing for a few well-known TMT Bar manufacturing companies and launched Icon Steel as a venture to reflect the new era. Today, customer expectations have evolved, marketing and customer interactions have become web-enabled, precision in the products and processes have become refined, and organisational culture is constantly rearing a new head.

Mr Dinesh Rathi set up Icon Steel to embody this new mindset and outlook towards future opportunities and to be a pioneer in initiating industry trends in South Asia.



Due to the ever-evolving nature of the steel industry, an evolution is inevitable. Newer inventions and techniques give birth to complete utilisation of the raw material resources, making this movement sustainable and safe for the years to come.

This radical structure has allowed and motivated us, as steelmakers and manufacturers, to be a part of and bring global change. We are steering the wheel towards complete waste management, creating a zero-emission environment.