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We welcome and encourage you to browse the ready answers to the most commonly asked details about our products, our policies, IS specifications, and so on.
  • What is DS?
    DS is a perfect balance of Ductility and Strength.
  • Is DS TMT Good?
    Yes, DS tmt is the best choice as it gives the perfect balance of Ductility and Strength. It gives the structure long life and assured protection.
  • Which TMT bar is best for house construction?
    For maximum safety of the construction, the TMT Steel bar you use should have both the important mechanical properties of Tensile Strength and Ductility. Having a balance of high strength and high ductility is ideal for making your construction earthquake resistant, and for the longevity of the structure. DS TMT bar is a grade that combines Ductility (D) and Strength (S) towards ensuring greater safety of the building.
  • Is it okay to use any stirrup we make on site with your Steel TMT bar?
    Icon Steel would like to recommend that you install factory made Ringer Stirrup/Column Hoop along with binding wire supplied by us. This will not only be faster for you, but it will also makes sure that your Steel stays in the proper position when concrete has been poured. Do not prefer other ways of going about it, especially when our factory makes stirrups of better material. Cutting your stirrups on the site is a harder option, take the smoother option instead.
  • All the TMT bars are alike, and goes inside the RCC column. Why choose a particular brand?
    Outside the columns appear similar, whichever steel you use. But inside the column is the secret of longevity. If the steel has excellent properties of ductility and resistance to rusting, you will spend way less on repairs. Icon Steel is made with superior billets in an integrated manufacturing facility. It is inspected at multiple stages – this assures you of a dependable brand choice in construction steel.